Helping families repair and rebuild their connections

When someone has a dependency on substances, the whole family is affected. Your loved one’s unpredictable behavior has caused or continues to cause significant worry, stress and pain. The endless lies and broken promises have eroded trust. You may be angry your loved one continues to use (or relapse) despite the toll their addiction has taken on the family. You might even feel guilt that you somehow contributed to the problem or that you can’t fix it. It’s common to feel powerless and to wonder if you’ll ever get your loved one back. I want you to know you do not have to navigate this alone.

Family Therapy focuses on establishing healthy boundaries, improving communication and rebuilding connection. It involves designing a comprehensive recovery plan to support the entire family. Any enabling or codependent behaviors are identified and more productive ways of interacting are established. Your family will also learn how to recognize warning signs of relapse. Regardless of whether your loved one is in active addiction or early recovery, you can empower healing.